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The new programme for 2016 is starting to take shape and we've listened to feedback from members, parents, teachers and children.

The main points we've heard are;

More fun for more ages - we've created activities to match each age group and ability even more than before. Fathers with children of any age will find something engaging at every club meeting with different areas of the club set up to meet the needs of every age group.

Make it Monthly - We've made the club meetings a little longer and run them once per month. This way it's easier for everyone to attend and commit to a time that suits them.

Make it for all children - Dads want to bring all their children to join in the fun.

Challenge the teenagers - The teens want something that is a bit more testing than the stuff we do at our club meetings so we've created some excellent expeditions that will push the comfort zones of all concerned including the Dads.

All of this has informed the way we are structuring the 2016 programme and we think it's looking really good. What do you think?

posted 04/01/2016 by Phil Pryer

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